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Sm Potted ZZ
Annie Latorre
Can’t wait to order another one! Amazing quality plant!

My son loves his low maintenance plant in his room and often refers to the care instructions that were provided. Next order will be the snake plant!

Lovely Bird of Paradise

This plant arrived in beautiful condition in a lovely pot. Could not be happier! Thank you!

5 stars!

Purchased as a gift for a friend. The package was shipped and delivered same day, so no need to worry about damage due to heat or cold. Will definitely be purchasing again!

Med Potted Patio Pleaser
Chantale Degagne
Beautiful healthy plants!

I purchased 2 patio pleaser bundles which each come with a snake plant and a bird of paradise. These plants are so beautiful! They were a bit smaller than what I pictured but I already had to repot my snake plants, they are growers and love the sun on my balcony! One of my bird of paradise leaves have grown a lot in a couple of weeks and the other is putting out a new beautiful, healthy and big leaf! Shipping was fast and they were packaged well. Very minimal TLC was needed when I received them. I purchased other plants from Foli including a gorgeous monstera and zz plant. I would definitely order from here again and 100% recommend.

ZZ Plant
Nicki St George
Love my ZZ

Beautiful looking plant! So happy with it.

Fresh Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

Beautiful healthy bird of paradise!!

Thank you so much foli!!! I placed the order, and within 1 business day it shipped and I got the plant the next day after it shipped!!! :) super fast shipping. Plant arrived perfect and healthy!!!!! It's already putting out a new leaf!!!! Will definitely be ordering more plants!!!. Sure the prices are high for other plants compared to other sites like geoponics but you can't beat foli quality :)

Med Potted Snake
Nicki St George
Love my plants!

My new favourite thing is buying plants for my friends as gifts. The only problem with Foli is that I want to keep them all for myself! The snake plant was a gift for a friend who is leaving a toxic relationship and needs to detox her environment!

Lg Potted Bird of Paradise

Med Potted ZZ
Jordan Wong

Med Potted ZZ

Love it

My medium potted patio pleaser is gorgeous. Came packed carefully and beautifully. They’re in great shape and I’m so very excited to enjoy these in the sun!

Med Potted Plant Lovers Bundle
Dorota Bayat

Amazing service! Website was seamless to navigate and my sister and mom were very pleased with the packaging, plant and the modern planter, card and write up about the plant.

Delivery was a breaze.

I've already recommended Foli to friends and will use this service again. It's nice to gift a houseplant that lives as opposed to cut flowers. Also, as mentioned I chose to go with Foli as well because their planters are totally modern and not cheesy, fitting in with today's decor and very well a centerpiece in any household.

Thank you!

Monstera Plant

My medium monstera is a wonderful beauty sprouting new leaves already !!! 🥰 thank You Foli , P. S. - Customer service is just as perfect as the plants I received, xoxo

Sm Potted Snake
Rochelle Ford
Beautiful Snake plant

Bought for my nursery and it looks beautiful. Perfect addition.

Med Potted ZZ
Emily Jones

The perfect housewarming gift!

Med Plant Lovers Bundle
Vanessa Churchill
Love my plants!

I was a little skeptic all buying plants online to be shipped. I was so impressed when I received my foli plants! They are certainly a product of love. They arrived in perfect condition and were wrapped so well. Thanks Foli!!

Med Potted ZZ
Scott Bexton

Med Potted ZZ

Rubber Tree
Gillian Crosbie
It’s huge!!

Maybe I should have read the dimensions before I ordered…it was enormous! Amazing surprise for my friend who received it as a gift.
Customer service was excellent. Will order from Foli again, for sure!

Med Potted Plant Lovers Bundle
Kaitlin ransom

beautiful healthy plants!, Im so happy with the new additions to the plant family

Large Raven ZZ Plant

I ordered a large raven ZZ plant and a very tall snake plant. When I got the plants, they were packed amazingly. The plants that were shipped were absolutely stunning. I was originally sent regular Large ZZ not the Raven, I reached out and let them know the wrong plant was shipped out and I was still interested in the Raven. They replied to my message in about a day and told me I can keep the green one and they will ship out the correct one. I received the Raven in three days. Again, that one was beautifully packed and the plant stunning! I would have to say one on the top best shaped, best packed group of plant especially for the size to have received. Will absolutely use again!

Raven ZZ Plant
Emily Ashfield

Raven ZZ Plant

Raven ZZ Plant
Marie Rokosh
My purple ZZ

This plant is breathtaking not only in its beauty but in its health. It arrived well protected…in perfect condition and it had a large green spike that was about eight inches long and is now a foot long…getting ready to turn purple. The photos don’t do it justice. This is the most beautiful plant that I have ever purchased!
She’s wonderful!!!

Med Potted Monstera
Tammy MacDougall
Loved it!

It was a special plant for a special person and SHE loved it. Thanks again!

Med Potted ZZ
Alexandra Brooker

Med Potted ZZ

Sm Potted Snake
Ravika Singh
Delivered with care

Loved the care they put into packaging the plant. The cute pink pot complements my living area. Also, the instructions leaflet is super helpful for a newbie plant parent like myself. And I love the snake plant. It’s in good health and looks stunning.