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Best Plants for the Office
Choosing the right plants for an office can enhance the work environment by adding a touch of nature, improving air quality, boosting overall well-being and productivity. Check out this article for the top recommended plants for an office setting.
How plants can improve the air quality in your home this winter.
Plants play a crucial role in maintaining air quality, especially during the long Canadian winters when the air in our home feels dry. While we are plant lovers all year round, here are 5 reasons why you should add a...
Happiness - one of our favourite words at Foli!
Plants make people happy! They connect us to nature, improve air quality, help reduce stress, and bring a sense of accomplishment. Here are 5 reasons why plants make people happy. 
4 Best Air Purifying House Plants
There are several indoor house plants are known for their exceptional air-purifying abilities. Here are our top 4 air purifying plants for your home.
40,000 Plants Delivered to Doorsteps Across Canada
40,000 plants delivered nationwide. Let Foli be your trusted plant provider and gifting service!