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New to plants?

Don’t stress, we got you. At Foli we focus on exceptional quality, convenience, style and above all customer experience. Foli, short for foliage, delivers greenhouse plants in beautiful pots right to your door, we then provide personalized support to build your confidence and skills with plants.

Since 2019 we’ve grown alongside over 30,000 happy plant owners and we are happy you’re here! 

Welcome to Foli, let’s grow!

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Your plant journey starts here.

Our curated plant selection is designed to transform your space with ease.

The perfect pairing of plants and style.

Best Value + FREE GIFT Snake Plant
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Snake Plant with Gold Legged Stand

Create BIG impact with this floor plant!

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Most Popular + FREE GIFT Easy-Peasy Bundle
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Easy-Peasy Bundle

Our best selling bundle!

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Great Starter Plant ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant in soft white pot

Plant perfection in a cute pot.

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Happy, healthy plants - Guaranteed!

Happy, healthy plants - Guaranteed!

We guarantee to ship you the most vibrant and healthy plants! If your plant does not fair well within the first 60 days, we will replace it!

Greener Packaging, Healthier Planet

Greener Packaging, Healthier Planet

At Foli, we embrace eco-friendly packaging, ensuring your plants arrive beautifully & sustainably. Join us in greening the planet.

1,000+ Happy Plant Owners

600+ Reviews 4.9/5 based on 728 reviews.

I love my planters and I am so jazzed I’m getting my xmas planters. I found you on instagram and I love helping local businesses. I also love that you are a young woman entrepreneur like I was and I will always support women businesses. Looking forward to next year's planters.

Elizabeth Meerakker

Fall planters arrived yesterday and I absolutely love them! Fresh, beautiful and high quality, definitely not your typical grocery store planters. They came with a free Mum, fit my ceramic pots perfectly and look so lovely on my front porch. We will definitely order again for the next season, thank you Foli 💚

Claire T.

My pots arrived looking beautiful and healthy. Your customer service is excellent. Thank you for making my deck look so great and ready for fall.

- Joan M.

Beautiful fall planters. Sent a couple as gifts and ordered some for myself. Great customer service as I had to correct my order.

- Ann T.

I was very excited to arrive home to two very beautiful delivered planters, right to my doorstep. The entire process was flawless and my order was received ahead of schedule. I also received several compliments from my neighbours.

Maria C.

Beautiful Plants!

I’m a plant newbie, but I plan on becoming a plant pro. Foli made it easy to find the plant that would work best for our master bedroom. The plants arrived so fast with no damage. They’re all so healthy! I think my plant is thriving, it’s my time owning this plant but she seems happy!! She even enjoyed some time outside this past weekend. While this may have been my first purchase, it won’t be my last - Foli makes it so easy to find plants for your space & how to care for them!!

— Katherine Petherick

Start your plant journey with Foli

From our HQ to yours.

  • Convenience Foli originated from the notion that acquiring stunning plants in great pots should be a hassle-free, enjoyable experience. Foli simplifies the plant buying process by providing a curated assortment of healthy, easy-to-care-for tropical plants that are suitable for new plant parents with little to no previous experience. Plants are matched with stylish, well-made pots and all of the plant gear to get you inspired without the runaround.
  • From our (green) house to you All plants spend time in the Foli greenhouse before being packed with love and shipped off to you. This allows the Foli team of plant experts to ensure your plants are lush, vibrant and ready to thrive in your space. Once you receive your plants, then what? The Foli team is on stand-by to support you as you gain experience and comfort with your new plants. We got you.
  • Turning thumbs green since 2019 We’ve shipped thousands of plants across Canada. We are plant pros, both in our execution of getting you your green buds but also in supporting you into plant parenthood with tools, support and a nurturing plant community. We are the real deal, and in this for the long haul with you.
Start your plant journey with Foli
Based on 728 reviews

Not worth the money- branches were falling out ..sparse.. not very pretty. Added more berries and foliage myself to make it nice.

Would have liked if the arrangement looked the same all around.

Not impressed sorry

ZZ Plant
Jessica Sollows
Gift was appreciated

Purchased this as a gift for a friend and she absolutely loved it! :)

They’re beautifully made, with quality products. They were delivered right to my porch and into my planters.

Large ZZ Plant

Great and quick service! Safely packaged and delivered with care. Love my new plant and the gold stand is beautiful!

Repotting Kit
Cute shop

Received all items I ordered in a timely fashion.

Not at all as shown. Smaller. Not nice. Won’t order again.

Gorgeous and more beautiful than I imagined!

28" Holiday Wreath

Beautiful and lush

It arrived healthy and attractive.

Easy-Peasy Bundle
Morgan Smith

Easy-Peasy Bundle

Fantastic Service From A Fantastic Team!

I needed my mystery plant and some of its babies repotted, as I did a terrible rush job and didn’t get them properly situated.

I reached out to the Foli team and spoke to the lovely Rachel, who was able to instruct me on how the process works and also helped me identify the type of plant it was.

Left in the very capable hands of Lauren, my green babies were ready within a few days for pick up. They are LOVING the new soil and thriving more than ever.

I am truly grateful for all the help and would encourage everyone to go to Foli for their repotting and plant purchasing needs!!

In love with my plants! They couldn’t have been more perfect!

New Jade love

I love my new Jade. It arrived a couple of days after I ordered it and it was in perfect condition. I was a wee bit skeptical as I have received fragile things in the past destroyed but true to the promise, my new plant arrived unscathed. Thank you! Trish M

Amazing quality, quick shipping and great customer service!


Rachel and team are amazing! After FedEx delivered to the wrong address, Foli reshipped my plants for free! Thank you so much Foli. I love my new plants, and I'll try to keep them green and alive 😉

Outdoor Planters

Lovely texture and colour combination

Snake Plant
Dalia Chakroun

Snake Plant

ZZ Plant
Linda Langley

It took over a week from the time I ordered for it to be delivered and by that time my friend was no longer there

Outdoor Planters

Not happy with my planters - wouldn’t buy again. Just nothing to them. I could have bought nicer ones from the grocery store for half the price unfortunately

Fast and awesome!

Hilary King

Another healthy and nice looking plant I have added to my Foli collection.

Outdoor Planters

One was healthier than the other and the mum plant died within a week :(

Who is Foli?

Who is foli?
  • Foli started in 2019 with the mission of connecting people with plants!
  • We’ve grown alongside our community of plant lovers, supporting new plant hobbyists, plant gifters and corporate plant initiatives.
  • We operate from 2 facilities. A large greenhouse in Waterdown, Ontario where we hold over 5,000 sqft of greenhouse space, packed with plants waiting to be re-home to you. We bring plants from our greenhouse to our packing facility in Burlington, Ontario where we pack up your plant orders and ship out the green stuff!
  • As seen on Dragon’s Den in November 2022, Foli is a budding business built on a strong foundation with a clear vision. Our goal is to be the largest provider of indoor plants and plant gear to Canadians!

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Our Mission

Our Mission

At Foli, our mission is clear: to bridge the gap between people and plants. We are dedicated to simplifying the world of indoor gardening by providing a one-stop shop for all your plant needs. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your journey, we aim to make plant ownership accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding.

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Our Mission

Frequently Asked Questions

Got your plant, now what?

Don't be nervous - We got you! We are here for you, every step of the way to ensure your trip to the 'greener side' is one you don't look back from! Every plant leaving our greenhouse comes with detailed care instructions and helpful tips to allow you to become the best plant boss you can be. If you are ever unsure, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@foli.ca or on our Instagram @shop_foli

When you unbox your new plants make sure you remove the packing gauze around the soil. This is meant to keep the soil in place during transport but can be removed once you receive them. Place your plants is a spot that receives some natural light, you can also refer to your care cards provided to learn specific care information for each plant variety.

Typically plants thrive in what is called, bright 'indirect' light. What this means is a close proximity to a window that receives bright sunshine for 3-5 hours per day. A South or West facing window tend to be brighter then an East or North facing window, but both will provide 'indirect' light for your plants. Direct light would be the sun beating down on your plants foliage for an extended amount of time. IE. If you placed your plant in the middle of a park with no shade, your plant foliage would be receiving 'direct' light exposure. Some plants can manage in 'direct' light environments but usually they need to be transitioned over time so their foliage is not shocked or burnt in the process.

At Foli we try to make watering really easy as this is usually a place where some new plant parents can overdo their love, meaning they over water their plants. For Foli plants, they are all shipped in a growers pot that is placed into the decorative pot of choice. This provides a much easier way of watering your plants! Feel the soil for dampness, or overall weight, this will signal if your plant is currently well hydrated or in need of some aqua.

Light = Water me!

Heavy = Wait a bit!

Great question! Drainage allows excess water to exit your plant so that root rot and other watery issues are eliminated. Sounds complicated but it's not, we've made this easy by shipping our plants in growers' pots that fit into the decorative pot you've chosen. Simply take your growers' pot out of your decorative pot, bring it to the sink or shower, run cool water directly onto the roots of your plant, allowing all excess water to drain out of the holes in your growers' pot. Then place your watered plant beauty back into your pot and voila! You're done!

Your plant will come with it's own character, colour vibrancy and leaf variegation (graphic leaf patterns). With time and environmental factors your plant may reinvent it's look during it's lifecycle. If you are unsure of the look of your plant please send us an email, along with photographs to info@foli.ca and we will address any questions you may have.

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