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Med Begonia

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All Hail the Begonia Maculata, or more commonly known as the polka dot begonia!  This speckled plant is a conversation piece in itself with its dark green, wing-shaped leaves contrasted by its dark red under leaf, all the while adorned with silvery white spots!  She'll be the most fashionable plant on the shelf!  Keep your begonia in the brightest indirect light you have available, think a Southern window in winter or an east or west window year round.  Be wary of direct light as it can fade those silver spots, or even burn their foliage.  Bottom water these and keep the soil moist, but let the top inch or so dry out between waterings.

Ships in 6" growers pot and is placed into a decorative pot to help with ease of watering.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pristine Plants!

I’m so impressed with how well these plants shipped. I ordered a ZZ plant and a jade plant, and they both arrived in better condition than plants I had hand delivered to my home from another company. There was some loose soil to dust off out of the package, but both plants were in perfect condition and are still doing great! Definitely feel confident recommending this place to all my friends. Thank you!

Robyn Skinner
Love me a ZZ!!!

This beauty sits on my desk and it brings me so much joy. So vibrant and different. I get lost staring at it most days!

Beautiful Plant

As with other plants I have ordered from this site, this plant arrived fresh and is growing beautifully. A nice plant for a darker corner!

Jennifer Ginn
So happy with my plant :)

Came fast , in perfect condition!!

Gwen A
Pretty plant!

ZZ arrived in excellent condition. I’ve re-potted zz and now it’s growing nicely:) Love my zz plant:) Thanks Foli!

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