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Medium Potted Trailing Twosome

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Two easy breezy, trailing plants in a bundle at last!  The marble queen Pothos and Philodendron Cordatum will transform your space with their fast growing foliage. 

Both plants will do well in bright indirect light, an east or west facing window is ideal, but will survive in lower light conditions (though growth may be slower). Avoid direct light on your marble queen, as the white variegation is prone to burning.

Water when the top 2" or so feels dry to the touch. These plants are quite forgiving if you forget a watering.  They will look a little limp if they are thirsty. Bring the growers pot directly to the sink and give them a thorough soak, allowing the water to drain completely before returning them to their decorative pot.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

Plantes bien emballées et protégées , elles sont arrivées en parfait état.

Tiffany Atchison-McFarland

Exactly as pictured and I do mean exactly. Would send in place of flowers again.

Plant & Pet Lover
Great additions to the collection!

I love the dedication to pet-friendly plants. Sometimes it's hard to find pet-friendly plants at local stores, so I decided to browse online. The order process was quick and easy, but I was skeptical about the delivery. Thankfully, the plants arrived in one piece, and they are gorgeous. They've been with us for a month, and we have had no issues. I can't wait for my next plant spree!

Samantha D
Love my plants 💕

This is my second purchase from Foli and I am beyond happy with my plants! They are beautiful, growing well and are easy to care for. Thank you Foli team, love your company!!

John Cameron
Great Furry Bundle

Bought this as a Bday gift for wife, The product came within time, well package, . The plants were in great shape, safe and secure I had a few question which were promptly, and friendly answered .My experience was great with this company . I will be using again .I have all ready recommended to friends and family to if they want great gift for a plant lover to give Emily and the Foli Team a try.

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